EdataFootball Scouts

Thabo Mabena

Position: Midfielder

Age: 23

Nationality: South Africa

Club: Great Stars United

Strengths: Passing, Vision, Dribbling

Weaknesses: Consistency, Finishing

Dan Baloyi

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 20

Nationality: South Africa

Club:FC Moons United

Strengths: Catching, Pointing, Diving

Weaknesses: Jumping, Sweeping

Karabo Mabasa

Position: Defender

Age: 25

Nationality: South Africa

Club:Star BC United

Strengths: Defence, Postion, Attacking

Weaknesses: Multitasking, Passing

Scouting Report

Thabo Mabena is a talented midfielder with a good range of passing, vision, and dribbling skills. He is comfortable on the ball and can create chances for his teammates. However, he can be inconsistent and sometimes lacks the finishing touch.

Mabena has the potential to be a top-class player, but he needs to improve his consistency and finishing skills to reach his full potential.